Waking Up From Work

Modern Networking For Creative Extrovert’s AND Introvert’s W/ Dave Swillum

June 15, 2021
2020 was a challenging year for networking especially for those where their creative is tied to events. I want to go over some ways both types of interaction personalities can connect with more people. To run a successful creative business or get the best out of life I believe in meeting new people with fresh perspectives as much as possible. In this episode we cover some techniques and strategies I’ve seen or used personally to meet people online or in person in the fields I work in but are applicable to what you do too. There couldn’t be a better time to network. We speak through principle components to keep in mind when networking in any manner to get best results, new and existing social and content approaches to connecting with others, and get specific on what may work for extroverts and introverts to play to their strengths. No more saying “Introverts can’t network” that’s BS! If you’ve been listening to the show and haven’t approached me yet shoot me a DM @davewakeup or email at wakupfromworkpodcast@gmail.com. I’d love to network with you. Let me know what you thought and if this helped you or what works best for you!
In This Episode We Cover
  • Networking or introverts & extroverts
  • Adapting to new networking tools
  • Visual, Consistent, Taking The Pivot, Meeting where they are at, Using Your Strength
  • Meeting them where they want to be met at
  • Social places to meet
  • Mastermind groups
  • Industry specific events
  • Meet with zero expectations
  • Inbound networking, bringing people into your world without finding them
  • Putting in your two cents on others posts consistently, meeting through others content
  • Do something that is noticeable, something that shows skin in the game
“It’s not about you, networking is an amazing thing but networking is ultimately not about you, you need to meet people where they are at and be at all of those places.” - Host Dave Swillum
“Content is a great inbound networking piece. Naturally people in your crew want to engage with it and connect more.” - Host Dave Swillum
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