Waking Up From Work

Being Authentically You - Rap, Wrestling, Hardcore Music, & Beliefs W/ TJ Vegas of Kill Murray

October 13, 2020
Growing up playing music it was always awesome to get to know a promoter and it only happened when you got along with them well. That’s how I know our guest today. TJ Vegas is currently host and one of the founders of the Just Plain Filthy Podcast and lifestyle brand. He blends his love for wrestling, hardcore and alt music, and beliefs into one brand and group to be apart of.
Today we talk on being authentically you as part of your band. Solo time and collaborative time. Creating controversy and pushing diversity forward and the local music scene during COVID times leading toward the future.
In This Episode We Cover
  • Trial and error
  • Starting young
  • Starting an agency
  • Solo vs collaboration
  • Taking breaks
  • Like minds
  • One love of many things combined
  • Authentic you
  • Being an outcast
  • Controversy in art
  • Heavy topics forward
  • Merch sales
  • Building your own brand
“I would just walk there after school and book shows on my own.” - TJ Vegas
“I would use the library printer to print out all the flyers for my shows.” TJ Vegas
“We want to make a family for people who don’t have a family.” - TJ Vegas
“I believe that people can’t keep up the act. Its exhausting to not be you. You literally wake up and you’re that person.” - Host Dave Swillum
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