Waking Up From Work

How To Stop Living Paycheck To Paycheck So You Can Make Your Own Financial Choices

April 22, 2019

Welcome to E18 The First Micro-Segment

Today I wanted to mix it up a bit from the interviews we have been doing and try to provide value to specific groups of our audience. We usually go a bit longer so these will be shorter micro episodes that are based off of information I've gathered myself through my own experiences or from our guests on the show that weren't covered in the interviews! 


One of the BIGGEST reasons I told myself I could pursue my dreams was because I was living paycheck to paycheck doing exactly what I thought I was supposed to do. Get out of college, get a job, and get a house. We lucked out with the timing of our house purchase so I don't regret anything but at the end of the day I had to make a change in my spending habits and financial living so I could make the decisions I needed to make and take the risks I needed to take to move my life in the direction I want. 


In this episode I talk about some tips I have from getting out of living paycheck to paycheck based off of what works for me. If your not in this position or feel like my ways are not effective thats ok! Skip this one and I'll see you on my interview segments or on some other topics that may be more applicable to your status. 


In this episode:


- My quick financial journey


- Ways to see your cashflow


- Personal financial planning techniques 


- Ways to save money


- Ideas to make more money without making it at your day job


- Ways to attack debt in a more manageable way


- Ideas for your future growth in starting to pursue financial freedom


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