Waking Up From Work

Just Say Fukitt W/ Ricardo Zulueta of Fukitt Clothing & Start Day One Suicide Prevention

August 31, 2021



Sometimes in life it’s not about knowing all the answers to knowing what to do right away but you just need to stop and say Fukitt……


On today’s episode we speak to Fukitt Clothing, Start Day One, and Paid Exposure founder Ricardo Zulueta, Jr. about perspective, mindset, decision making process, and view on life through his brands. We also talk through what it’s like to start up a clothing brand, non-profit, and so much more. Saying F$#$ It means you’ve decided and taking an action. Let us know what you are doing after you hear the episode and say Fukitt.


In This Episode We Cover

  • Perspective makes us happy or unhappy
  • Making a decision, taking an action
  • Decision making process behind saying F it!
  • When you have to figure it out
  • It’s impossible to live life to the fullest…..
  • We need conflict
  • Purpose
  • What’s your super power?
  • Mission has to be a VERB
  • Cause and result
  • How we evolve
  • Planning your brand for long term



“It’s human nature to take life for granted, what you really need are reminders. The best and worst one is someone passing away, all the sudden you appreciate life more.” - Ricardo Zulueta, Jr.


“ You find the solutions because you made the decision. “ - Ricardo Zulueta, Jr.

“ The struggles, the heart ache, this is what creates a meaningful life.” - Ricardo Zulueta, Jr.


“ If you don’t know where you’re going, every turn you make is wrong”- Ricardo Zulueta, Jr.


Resources Noted In This Podcast Episode


Mind Over Medicine



Atomic Habits



Personality Isn’t Permanent



If Not You Then Who




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Start Day One: Suicide Prevention Non-Profit



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