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Life As A “Professional Music Fan” W/ Rock n Roll Radio Legend Lou Brutus

May 19, 2020
What’s it like to live in rock n roll 24/7? There isn’t anyone else out there that knows more rock and metal artists on a first name basis and entered the behind the scenes of their life than Lou Brutus. Lou just came out with his first book about his life experiences over the past 24 years as a radio personality on his nationally syndicated radio show Harddrive with Lou Brutus.
We talk on what it’s like to run into all these artists and be a radio personality. Lou talks about what just being nice can do and how it has played a major role in his career getting the best interviews. The stories are hilarious and the rock n roll life is very near and dear to my heart. Check out our conversation.
In This Episode We Cover
  • Rock n roll life
  • What happens behind the scenes?
  • Life as a radio personality
  • Authenticity
  • Being Nice
  • Never know who you are talking to
  • Be the pointer
  • What’s your role?
“I just get up every day, scarf down a bunch of black coffee, blast some loud music and try to get a lot of shit done.” - Lou Brutus
“ I think right now is the best time for authentic speak.” - Host Dave Swillum
“ If you walk in and treat everyone well it will pay back in dividends that you don’t even realize.” - Lou Brutus
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