Waking Up From Work

Managing A Relationship While Pursuing An Alternative Living / Career W/ Elizabeth Cunningham

August 10, 2021
After working with Elizabeth as a client managing her podcast and creating original music for her I had to have her on the show to share some of the content I had been hearing. Elizabeth is a love coach and works with love, sex, and relationships on the west coast. One thing I’ve seen in our community here is the friction that pops up with peoples relationships as they start pursuing an alternative model of living and career path. Entrepreneurs as couples together both starting something up or one entrepreneur and one partner with a more standard living practice both have their own challenges. I wanted to share some of her wisdom so we can all focus on the things that truly matter while we pursue our purpose and our creative successfully. We speak through empathy and entitlement, human brain justification and problem seeking. Ownership and managing expectations inside the relationship. Elizabeth has created a six figure coaching business in Seattle helping people with what she loves, so she’s here to help in business and in life as well.
In This Episode We Cover
  • Love, sex, and relationships
  • Relationship with time and money
  • Compassion and empathy for yourself and others
  • Deeper levels of love that we aren’t aware of
  • Empathy
  • Humans can justify anything, we are programmed to
  • Taking responsibility for your own actions and understanding why
  • Managing a relationship as an entrepreneur
  • Managing a relationship as two entrepreneurs
  • Setting aside sacred time for the things you really love
  • Keeping new relationship energy
  • Agreements with your partner
  • Over communicate!
  • Brain thoughts
“Does what I’m doing right now work, or does it not work? Humans can justify anything. Anything.” - Elizabeth Cunningham
“People say things but it’s not the source. We’re very complicated creatures.” - Host Dave Swillum
“If you care about something, I’ll find time on your calendar for it.” - Elizabeth Cunningham
Resources Noted In This Podcast Episode
The Ethical Slut
By Janet Hardy
Non-Violent Communication
By Marshall Rosenberg PHd
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