Waking Up From Work

Naive Enough To Start & Audacious Enough To Finish W/ Jay Maas Part 2

April 19, 2022


It's great to have guests back on to see what they’ve been up to and dive further into their creative businesses. On this episode we are joined again by engineer, entrepreneur, and artist Jay Maas to speak on how things have been since the start of his AI mastering platform Maastr since we spoke right at launch a year and a half ago. We talk over getting non-bias feedback, working with teams and coaching for the first time, and finding ways to get creative with getting your business started when your budget gets depleted. Great conversation on take two with Jay. If you haven’t listened to E65 go check it out first for context!


In This Episode We Cover


  • Covid pivots 
  • Creating a minimal viable product and coming to market
  • Creative meets programming
  • Outside feedback 
  • Concept of teams
  • Being a control freak
  • Offloading work and collaborating 
  • Running out of money on your build 
  • Naive enough to start, audacious enough to finish it
  • In no mans land
  • Non-bias feedback loop




“There’s no reason to release a product that’s worse than something that already exists.” - Jay Maas


“What makes this different? what makes this actually good?” - Jay Maas


“You need a little bit of naivety of an idea to get into it then you need the audacity to complete it and make it happen despite what you got into.” - Host Dave Swillum 


Jay’s Links


Jay’s Mastering Platform (I love this thing personally)


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Resources Noted In This Episode


Optimistic Nihilism 



E65 W/ Jay on the show




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