Waking Up From Work

Near Death Experiences, Spirituality, Getting A Grant, & Rewiring Your Brain W/ Branden Densmore

August 3, 2021



On this episode we speak to recovery / life coach Branden Densmore out of Maine. Branden and I met online connecting on his posts on the influence of previous guest Jesse Harless’s new book that I’ve been working on the audio book version on while this was done. Branden is also on a path of helping the recovery community enter into entrepreneurship. We speak through his history, recovery, and his current business. We speak through having natural curiosity, getting a grant, spirituality, organized religion, being different in school growing up,, and investing in yourself. Good for creatives for mind set and raising capital and great for entrepreneurs for the story and more.


In This Episode We Cover

  • The recovery community are the best people!
  • Finding a competitor in your niche and being pumped
  • High-school dropout
  • Living in-authentic life
  • Near death experiences
  • Realizing the ability of your own non-existence
  • Natural curiosity
  • Rebelling in school
  • Near death experience
  • Going through the 12 step program
  • Not receiving back
  • Rewiring your brain during entrepreneur transition
  • Relationship with money
  • Investing in  yourself for the first time
  • Spirituality
  • Organized religion




“ I started working at some non-profit organizations, but it was like my needs weren’t being met. I would give, give, and give but not really receive.” - Branden Densmore


“ There’s something you’re not getting or there’s a mission that’s not being fulfilled that sparks you to be an entrepreneur. This isn’t filling me up everyday.” - Host Dave Swillum

“ We all have the ability to choose our meanings in life, if something happens in our life we can choose to interpret that however we want. People will give us meanings all day long but we can choose our own meaning. Give up on the positive opinions of others.” - Branden Densmore


Resources Noted In This Podcast Episode


Your local SBA



If Not You Then Who

by Jesse Harless



The Science of Getting Rich

by Wallace Wattles



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