Waking Up From Work

Nine Days Into Creating A Creative Business W/ Simon James Seamonster

January 22, 2020
Alright let’s reverse a bit. The guys spoke last week about their choices and plan changes to include their day job to fund their creative careers for an added amount of time. This week we talk to someone who is only 9 days into their jump to see what’s in their head and what’s right for you.
The boys chat with Simon James AKA Seamonster a graphic designer and artist from Maine. We speak to Simon about his fresh jump into business and his perspective driven from monetary and life challenges. Managing your day when all the time is controlled by you and staying disciplined, getting out of hard financial situations, and taking on your day to day creative business.
In This Episode We Cover
When you jump
Discipline and daily schedule
Losing your job
Living off low income
What’s worth the money?
Enjoying the small things
Bouncing back on a budget
Starting cheap or free
Creating demand and control
Foot in with Non-profits
Fitness helps business
Putting ideas to action
What’s your weakness as a operator?
Physical properties that put you in different state
Taking in influence from day jobs
“ That day that I decided to submit all this paperwork and money on two businesses was another day just like any other” Simon James
“ I personally believe everyone in America should have two 20 hour jobs instead of a full time job because everyone burns out. Having your hands in multiple pots” Simon James
“ You can’t tackle every problem that you have and everything you have to address in just one day, there’s not enough time in the day to do it. So don’t worry about everything you need to do in THAT DAY, but be aware of everything that has to be done. Keeping structure when you have that much freedom is key, you can’t just not do anything or your screwed.” Host Dave Swillum
“It’s your mind or your money right now that dictate when is the time and if one of those is sour it needs to be fixed” Host Dave Swillum
“If you act casual then your day will be casual, and what you get done that day will be casual” Host Dave Swillum
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