Waking Up From Work

Raising For Charity Doing What You Love & The Free Couch W/ The Plunge Podcast LIVE

January 5, 2021


Join me for a non-traditional episode here on the podcast to kick off 21’ with some laughs. This episode we hang out with the boys from the comedy based podcast The Plunge on their 2nd annual 24 hour live stream to raise money for Special Olympics of NH. We talk on their journey into raising over $4,500 dollars for charity using something they love only their 2nd year in. Very inappropriate and silly live episode to share some ways you can make a big difference with something you love.


In This Episode We Cover

  • Starting to raise money for charity
  • Year over year growth and goals
  • Using what you love
  • Positive impact on your community
  • It won’t happen unless you make it
  • Growing from something
  • Creating something that drives people to donate




“ The goal of the podcast was never to make money off of it” - Hunter The Plunge Podcast


“It’s not going to happen unless you go and do it.” - Riley The Plunge Podcast


“You might have year one, people might donate $5.00 bucks but that’s still more than you would have had for a good cause, so try it.” - Riley The Plunge Podcast


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