Waking Up From Work

Releasing Creative Frequently or to “Perfection” What’s Better?

March 2, 2020



Solo episode today, super digestible and quick. Today we talk about something I see in myself and others everyday. As creators whether you make music, art, run a business, or create content there is always a battle between releasing content consistently verses slowly but “perfect”. If your a perfectionist, great….but perfection is the enemy of creating. Art isn’t perfect, and to make great art you need to make it A LOT. 

Create and release consistently and make it as perfect as you can in the timeframe you set. We can’t get feedback or be what we want if we aren’t doing and showing what we do. Let’s dive into some of the rational and irrational ways we look at how often we release our ideas.


In This Episode We Cover


  • Lots of creative or perfect creative?
  • What is perfect?
  • Quality vs. Quantity….or both….or neither
  • Timeline for sending it
  • People can engage more when you give more
  • Art isn’t perfect, humans aren’t perfect
  • Keeping emotion and candid in creative
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Get it out quicker, you will always get better
  • Your output is better when you act and do frequently
  • Learn by doing



“ If we aren’t releasing things we can’t have engaged fans, and if we are making something too perfect sometimes it’s not what we should be making” - Host Dave Swillum


“There were some excuses that I had….but not enough to compensate for four years of not releasing stuff.” - Host Dave Swillum


“The market will tell you if it’s bad, you don’t have to be the judge of it” - Host Dave Swillum


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