Waking Up From Work

You’re Fired! What To Do When Or If It Happens W/ Dave & Ryan

May 12, 2020

E57: You're Fired! What To Do When Or If It Happens W/ Dave & Ryan

Many people are hurting out there, losing their jobs, losing their pay, and even losing everything. I wanted to share my story of getting fired to give some hope, tips, and stories that might help some people feel better when or if it happens to know what to expect.

We usually don’t plan to get fired, and if your anything like me it’s never happened before and I was honestly surprised I was ever in a situation where it could happen but it did. I’m happy and proud that it happened so much so that I framed the termination letter and have it on the wall behind my mixing desk to remind me everyday. Here’s the story and what I learned from the experience.


  1. Nothing is permanent or guaranteed

  2. Everyone can and will lose sometimes

  3. No one is owed anything

  4. Everything happens for a reason.


In This Episode We Cover

  • Unrealistic expectations

  • Unexpected pay decreases

  • Surviving toxic work places

  • What it’s like to get fired

  • Mindset

  • Plans change

  • Reacting

  • Relief vs the situation

  • Stages of anxiety and expectations

  • Routine

  • Unemployable



“I started waking up at the same time and putting on a full suit so I felt like what I was doing was important and I had structure to it. I had to sit there and do shit, because I had to.” - Host Dave Swillum


“That low of things I had never experienced before has made it so now I absolutely love and appreciate everything in my life.” - Host Dave Swillum


“I’m unemployable in some ways.” - Host Dave Swillum


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